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‘Ready to eat lettuce’

Our system was designed to grow all possible varieties of lettuce. Not only the traditional varieties such as Butterhead and Romaine lettuce, the modern varieties also benefit from using the Dry Hydroponics approach to growing. With this system we are able to grow high quality product for the Ukrainian market controlled by European standards. We guarantee a safe and healthy product. We test our water and crops on a regular base in a laboratory to insure the highest quality of our products.



Tasty and healthy crops

To ensure a healthy growth, crops need to be grown under the right circumstances. Through its innovative design, Dry Hydroponics provides sufficient fertilizer and oxygenated water 24/7. These constant circumstances improve both the taste and the crops‘ health. The design surrounds the leaves with a microclimate favorable to growth. In short, during cultivation the crops are maintained in stable and beneficial circumstances.

Beautiful crops

Growing with Dry Hydroponics guarantees beautiful crops, which develop in a natural way. The uninterrupted and balanced development of the roots, allow the plant to build strong leaves, so that the crop is healthy and durable. This ensures that symptoms such as tip burn and glassiness are no longer a threat.

In designing special attention was paid to the microclimate around the leaves. Its airy design keeps the leaves dry. Because the system is clean and reflects light, the bottom leaves of the crop are also fresh and green.

Shelf life

A healthy and fair crop with strong leaves has a long shelf life. The solid foundation that Dry Hydroponics provides, guarantees sturdy plants with a long shelf life.


Our new approach to crop protection is based on the prevention of situations that ordinarily harm crops. This is achieved in such a degree that intervention is hardly necessary.

The plants are also free from sand, soil, and weeds. Dry Hydroponics is such a clean approach to growing crops that they can be sealed immediately and are ready-to-eat. 

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